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Increases the strength of the triceps

Who is interested in tennis, basketball, volleyball, gymnastics and martial arts ?! So you desperately need a strong triceps, namely power with extension arms. About martial arts, boxing and say nothing, everything depends on the force of the impact on the loss, and hence the strength of the triceps. Bodybuilders also "for" strong triceps, so mnogopovtornuyu perform work for spectacular picture triceps external beam in the form of a horseshoe, Sport in England.

Extension of the head on the block - the exercise by which you increase the power of the triceps

Perform this exercise at the end of the training are advised to triceps, after the presses. It is also desirable to make the final and after exercise on triceps extension of the head on the block.

Perform 8-12 repetitions in 3-4 sets. Sport in England.

Technique performance, Bodybuilding in England:

Becoming the block back into the hands of take the rope handle attached to the upper unit.

Make the slope body forward, while taking a step forward with one foot. Hands bend the elbows, pulling the rope. rope handle should be above your head. Check the position of your body with a pattern, How to do bodybuilding in England?.

At the start to inhale, holding your breath while straightening your arms forward. Elbows do not go, keep your elbows straight. In this position, pause for a few seconds, feel the tension of the triceps. By the way, if in this position the hands to direct downward, thus changing the grip to neutral grip on the "in-line", you will come to minimize muscle.

Then exhale and return to the starting position, How to do bodybuilding in England?.

On a note:

When you take a stand for this exercise, do not slouch, keep your back straight. Please note that the reception should be as stable, so that the slope of the back must be optimal in order not to lose your balance, How do people do sports in England?.

Note, in the initial position of your hands (from the shoulder to the elbow) - parallel to the floor. When the extension of hands, you should keep them as parallel to the floor than to increase tension triceps.

If you are in the performance of extension, as has been said above, to change the grip, the job will switch medial triceps beams.

Tip: To save the balance runtime extension, refer strictly to one point, How do people do sports in England?.

And, of course, do not take the weight limit, otherwise all the work will pass on the triceps triceps, lost equipment. So, do not take too much weight, Find a gym in England.

And finally, the right elbow position in the home position - the key to the effectiveness of this exercise. Remember this, and keep your elbows still, Healthy Eating in England.