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How to build your mass?

How to build your mass?

The newest technique!

Training should be conducted by a special system consisting of seven training. As a result, six training sessions we will come to a weight increase of 10%. The system is designed just for heavy basic training.

Each of the six training sessions, we will be working to increase the weight by five percent of their initial body weight at the first training session. The essential difference in this system is also the fact that the number of repetitions of the training exercise to the contrary, we will decrease.

And we must finish with a weight of ten percent above normal. And this weight will work for us.

During exercise per muscle group will perform two or three exercises, one of which is basic, and the rest are optional. It is advisable to apply the technique to all the exercises in the framework of the training day. Rest between workouts should be five / seven days.

If not come to perform planned number of repetitions in training, it is not necessary to carry out training again, go ahead as planned.

Warning system!

The first training session. Operating weight lifting and should be normal for you to qualitatively perform 4 sets of 6 reps. Rest between sets for 2-3 minutes. For example, the basis weight is 100 kg.

The second training session. Subject 4 approaches, but reduce the number of retries to 5. This increasing weight by 5%. Total, bar 105 kilograms, Getaway

The third training session. At this time, 4 sets of 4 repeat. The bar has 110 kilograms!

The fourth exercise. And here is an important point! Secret level! We go back to the original, and perform 4 sets, 6 reps again. Operating weight with 105 kg.

The fifth exercise. Now, respectively, system, increase the weight, but reduce the number of repetitions per set. Perform 5 reps and have 4 sets. Weight - 110 kg.

The sixth training. In this exercise we take the maximum for us in this system, the weight of 115 kilograms. Since this weight is necessary to perform a 4 4 retry approach.

Seventh exercise. The final. There are 4 sets of 6 reps. Weight - 110 kg. We achieved the goal of increasing operating weight of 10% of normal.

Gain strength and mass, we will achieve this through a phased training system. So, first we increased the weight, working on the power and the weight was. Then we gave the muscles to relax when reduced weight. The next step, already rested and ready to work the muscles we added weight again. So we reach the goal - weight!

If your body has failed, and the system does not come out to perform, take yourself extra days to rest for recovery.

And bonus!

We work on the breast

numberAn exerciseapproachesReplaysWeights




Inclined bench in Smith's simulator

Press of dumbbells in a position lying



Come quadriceps!

numberAn exerciseapproachesReplaysWeights




Squats with the stamp of the bar

leg presses

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