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Sanzyme: detailed description

Full name: Sanzyme Ltd

Country of origin: India

Sanzyme is an Indian manufacturer with more than 40-year history of working in the pharmaceutical market. It focuses on creating medicines for medical (as well as veterinary) applications. The company's product range includes over 50 medicines, of which the athletes are primarily known human chorionic gonadotropin (under the trademark Ovigil).

Sanzyme (India) was founded back in 1969. Originally it was not an independent, but a joint Indian-Japanese enterprise (called Uni-Sankyo Ltd). In the home market, the company was one of the first producers of enzymes, which are in high demand in the Middle East and Central Asia regions. Thanks to cooperation with the Japanese firm Sankyo, the acting partner of the "Indians", Sanzumi was also able to meet the need of the local market in probiotics.

Customer reviews describe Sanzyme Ltd mainly positively, which indicates the effectiveness / safety of the products. In our online store HCG brands can actually be ordered without too much risk, at an honest cost and with a comfortable delivery.

In India, Sanzyme became one of the few companies that successfully established the production of gonadotropic pharmaceuticals. Their developments proved so successful that they are now common even in Eastern and Central Europe. According to the assurances of the "Indians" (on the official website), their production is carried out in accordance with international quality standards, such as GLP, GCP and GMP (respectively: good laboratory practice, good clinical practice and good manufacturing practice, systems of requirements for enterprises producing medicines).