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Tamoxifen bodybuilding: the “pros” and “cons”

Tamoxifen – a rare drug belonging to the group of sex hormones. The original purpose of tamoxifen – providing assistance to the fair sex for cancer – namely, in the treatment of breast cancer.


However, the most widespread among men received tamoxifen. At first glance, it may seem incredible, but all will become clear on closer inspection of properties of the drug.


Characteristics of tamoxifen


  • Characteristics of tamoxifen
  • The positive impact on athletes
  • Tamosksifen

Tamoxifen together with anaboliticheskimi steroids can significantly reduce the risk of growth of female hormones in the blood of athletes.


Tamoxifen – a drug that differ significantly from providing the same effect of drugs. The main feature of tamoxifen is considered that the medicament is neither anabiotic or androgenic agent.

Bodybuilders and bodybuilders Tamoxifen is recommended as an effective means for weight loss, increase muscle mass and increase power performance.


It is logical that in the opinion of bodybuilders tamoxifen impossible without a victory in the competition, if you do not use, of course, doping. Tamoxifen is considered useful among bodybuilders also because it has a pronounced anti-estrogen effect – is a sex hormone.


Tamoxifen. The positive impact on athletes

As mentioned above, taking tamoxifen bodybuilding taken together with anaboliticheskimi means. It is caused by the fact that many of the steroids included a large number of flavor components, provoking increasing growth of estrogen in the blood of athletes. The result of this growth is the emergence of the phenomenon of the feminization of athletes – female.


This can be expressed in an excessive accumulation of water in the body or enhance the accumulation of fat in the subcutaneous tissue, as well as the phenomenon of gynecomastia (increasing the size of the breast). Perhaps the single and double-sided increase, with the opportunity to return them to their original state only appears when you resort to the surgeon. All this does not need any athlete.


Tamoxifen. The positive impact on sportsmenovTamoksifen is the right drug that can prevent the development of all these unpleasant phenomena. Its effect is to block estrogen receptors. As a result, you can not form compounds “estrogen receptor +.”


At the same time this is not characteristic of a drug to cause the termination of the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. It turns out that tamoxifen is only struggling with estrogens. However, it is not a proven fact that they did not win a victory over him.


Considering all this information specialists bodybuilders often prescribe tamoxifen complex in Proviron. Usually appointed by twenty to thirty milligrams of tamoxifen and no more than fifty milligrams Proviron. Joint reception of these drugs provides a remarkable effect.


This combination of drugs bodybuilders can greatly improve your results. Tamoxifen works well during a diet since it helps keeping the fat burning process. Lacking a direct property burn fat, the drug due to its exposure to antiestrogen helps to maintain a reduced level of fat in the body.


Tamoxifen should be taken in conjunction with the androgenic steroids or with different variations of testosterone. Athletes who have a tendency to increased accumulation in the body of water, or with a tendency to problems with mammary gland must be used this drug for any steroid treatment for prevention.


Since tamoxifen gives excellent results can take many bodybuilders androgenic steroids up until the start of the competition of the day, in combination with a diuretic. This course will give them the opportunity to appear on stage dried and elastic. Those athletes who have fat levels are already low, using tamoxifen get a great chance to significantly increase the density of the muscles.


Tamoxifen contributes to the number of units of high density cholesterol (HVP), capable of reducing the risk of atherosclerosis, therefore, it reduces greatly the risk of occurrence of cardiovascular diseases. This feature is very useful for athletes who are often faced with the disease. Another positive aspect is the fact that tamoxifen, a drug being soft, it manifests in the liver greater estrogenic activity. This feature has a positive effect on liver functions and the functioning of the whole organism.


However, along with all the advantages, tamoxifen numerous inherent disadvantages, which must be aware of every athlete, without exception, who wants to use this drug.