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Pharma Sust 300

Pharma Sust 300

Pharma Sust 300

Brand :Pharmacom Labs
Product Code :12025
Availability :2-3 Days
Package: 300 mg/ml (10 ml)
Substance: testosterone mix
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Pharma Sust 300 features four different testosterone esters in a specialty blend for training purposes. Two of the esters are used up almost immediately but several of the esters are long-lasting making this mixture one of the longest lasting steroid compounds available on the market. Pharma Sust 300 UK is extremely great at improving muscle size and muscle strength and athletes like it because it utilizes some of the most popular testosterone esters available on the market so that they can get benefits from each one of them.

Pharma Sust 300 produces a number of different effects including an improvement of libido and sex drive, greater endurance for training, improvement of oxygenation throughout the muscles, increase red blood cells, appetite stimulation, muscle mass improvement and more. It produces heavy gains and with the mixture it also produces far less water retention and some other types of steroids. It's excellent for helping with conditions of low testosterone and its fantastic for putting on muscle size and strength very easily and in a short cycle. Most athletes report gains of around 10-20 pounds of muscle in just a short amount of time.

Pharma Sust 300 for Sale UK

Pharma Sust 300 UK injection contains testosterone esters. These are derivatives of the naturally occurring male hormone testosterone. They are converted in the body to testosterone.

Testosterone is known as an androgen. It is produced by the testicles and is the main hormone essential for normal growth and development of the male sex organs and male sexual characteristics.

The natural production of testosterone is controlled by another set of hormones called gonadotrophins, which are released from the pituitary gland in the brain.

During adult life, testosterone is essential for the production of sperm, the maintenance of sex drive, erectile potency, and the functioning of the prostate gland and other reproductive structures. It also has functions in the skin, muscles, skeleton, kidney, liver, bone marrow and central nervous system.

Low levels of testosterone can cause decreased sex drive, impotence, infertility due to decreased sperm production, decreased mental and physical activity, fatigue and weakening of bones (osteoporosis). Testosterone is given as replacement therapy when natural testosterone levels fall too low, causing problems such as those above.

Natural testosterone levels fall slowly with age and fall rapidly following surgical removal of the testicles (for example in the treatment of testicular cancer). They may also fall due to decreased functioning of the testicles (hypogonadism or eunuchoidism) caused by testicular disease, or by decreased gonadotrophin production by the pituitary gland, as a result of pituitary disease.

Testosterone replacement allows natural testosterone levels to return to normal, thus relieving the symptoms of the deficiency.

Pharma Sust 300 Dosage Cycle

It is further noticed that Pharma Sust 300 is also effective when relatively low doses are given to well advanced athletes. It is interesting to note that when Pharma Sust 300 is given to athletes who have already used this compound in the same or lower doses, it leads to similar good results as during the previous intake. Pharma Sust 300 is usually injected at least once a week, which can be stretched up to 10 days. The dosage in bodybuilding and powerlifting ranges from 250 mg every 14 days up to 1000 mg or more per day. Since such high dosages are not recommended-and fortunately are also not taken in most cases the rule is 250-1000 mg/week. A dosage of 500 mg/week is completely sufficient for most, and can often be reduced to 250-mg/ week by combining Pharma Sust 300 with an oral steroid. Pharma Sust 300 is well tolerated as a basic steroid during treatment which stimulates the regeneration, gives the athlete a sufficient "kick" for intense training units, and next to the already mentioned advantage of rapid strength increase and solid muscle gain distinguishes itself also by its compatibility. In order to gain mass fast Pharma Sust 300 is often combined with Deca-Durabolin, Dianabol or Anadrol while athletes who are more into quality prefer combining it with Parabolan, Winstrol, Oxandrolone or Primobolan.

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