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Oxymetos 25

Oxymetos 25

Oxymetos 25

Brand :Pharmacom Labs
Product Code :12009
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Package: 25 mg/tab. (100 tab.)
Substance: oxymetholone
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Buy Oxymetos 25 (Oxymetholone) UK Online

Oxymetos 25 (Oxymetholone) is a synthetic steroidal drug available as a tablet. it is a potent oral anabolic and androgenic drug.

Oxymetos 25 is an anabolic steroid. It improves nitrogen balance when the diet is sufficient in calories. The actions of Oxymetos 25 are similar to testosterone and can cause serious impairment in sexual and physical growth when given to children. Children who have taken this drug develop grotesque physical features and usually have disordered sexual function.

Oxymetos 25, is sold under the pharmaceutical name Oxymetholone UK, and has a half life of about 8-10 hours. This means it remains in your body for 2-4 times longer. The reason it stays in the body longer is because of its affinity for fatty tissues where it gets stored.

Biochemical analysis have shown that Oxymetos 25 can be detected in the body for up to 2 months after the last dose. Because of this long half life, it is not the preferred drug of choice by many body builders. Most experts recommend it as an off season drug to build the body.

Oxymetos 25 (Oxymetholone) for Sale UK

The upside to Oxymetos 25 is the way it works so quickly. For a bodybuilder who wants a three-week jumpstart to his or her bulking program, Oxymetos 25 may be exactly right. If you can skip the headaches, Oxymetos 25 can give a big boost to your bulking efforts. Before starting Oxymetos 25 or any other steroidal supplement, learn about cycling. Steroids such as Oxymetos 25 can be very useful, but you must realize that they are also extremely powerful.

We encourage you and anyone who is enthused about bodybuilding to read the literature that is available. When used correctly, Oxymetos 25 and other steroids can be great things. We stock and sell a splendid selection of equivalent anabolic steroids that are 100% legal in the UK.

Oxymetos 25 (Oxymetholone) Dosage Cycle

Dosage: you should only take 1 to 2tablets of 50mg. The rule of thumb prescribe that you should use between 0.5 to 0.8mg per pound of body weight. Oxymetholone is well known in accelerating the attainment of the desired result within a span of few days. Never should you use Oxymetholone beyond 6 weeks. You should frequently consult a physician to examine your liver when using Oxymetholone this to verify that your liver values are correct.

When using Oxymetholone it is necessary to use anti-hypertension alongside it. This is meant to reduce the effect of blood pressure due to its drastic effect on blood pressure for starters and women especially if your blood pressure is fairly high. Towards the end of Oxymetholone dosage it is advisable to use HCG and Clomid to suppress the likely side effect otherwise it does not have. Oxymetholone is the best drug that is globally accepted and appreciated for its immediate response to your needs. It offers a solution to your long term and short term problem in body building leaving amazed with its action. Although nothing lacks side effect, Oxymetholone side effect are extremely low and sometime you cannot experience or notice them. This makes this brand remain as the most popular steroid for magnificent increase in bogy size and strength.

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