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Oxandrolonos 10

Oxandrolonos 10

Oxandrolonos 10

Brand :Pharmacom Labs
Product Code :12008
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Package: 10 mg/tab. (50 tab.)
Substance: oxandrolone
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Buy Oxandrolonos 10 UK Online

Oxandrolone is a brand name for oxandrolone developed by the Searle Laboratories and introduced in the United States in 1964. It remains one of the most popular AAS because Oxandrolonos 10 is one of the safest steroids around. This drug is used as weight-maintaining drug of HIV-positive individuals.

Despite its mildness, Oxandrolone UK can still cause health risks since it is a c-17 alpha-alkylated oral. Thus, it is advised that before you buy Oxandrolonos 10 make sure that you consult a doctor regularly to ensure liver integrity. Also, you need to determine first your bodybuilding objective before you buy Oxandrolonos 10 because this drug is not an ideal option for bulking protocol. When you buy Oxandrolonos 10, expect to spend relatively more since this drug is in high demand but in limited supply.

Oxandrolonos 10 for Sale UK

Oxandrolone is a structurally altered dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormone. It has an additional oxygen atom which replaces the carbon-2 in the A-ring. Its anabolic activity is therefore increased tremendously and it is not metabolically broken down. At the 17th carbon is an additional methyl group that facilitates its oral ingestion and official classification as a C17-aa anabolic steroid. It works well towards making steroids already in use more effective. Oxandrolone also causes an increase in strength by stimulating synthesis of phosphocreatine in the muscle cell without causing water retention.

Oxandrolone is popularly known as being the best anabolic steroid for cutting. This is mostly because it has strong muscle repair properties that prevents muscle loss and enables a person retain muscle build even with lower calorie intake (calorie deficient diet). This creates an opportunity for the body to burn fats as an energy source. Use of Oxandrolone UK also results in a more efficient fat burning by the body. Additionally, Oxandrolone has minimal effect on natural testosterone production and one need not worry about bloating or water retention.

Side Effects of Oxandrolonos 10

Oxandrolone is considered one of the most innocuous of anabolic steroids. No flavor, no suppression of testosterone. Oxandrolone does not require the simultaneous use of any medications that support the liver or suppress estrogen. However, minimal side effects may sometimes be.

1. Diarrhoea. The fact that oxandrolone irritating to the gastric mucosa. Therefore, receiving large doses at a time (40 - 50 mg) on an empty stomach can cause a momentary diarrhea. But many athletes is even not believe in this a side effect. To avoid this, take oxandrolone, after or during a meal.

2. The load on the liver. However, it is much smaller than, for example, from methane. As a rule, if you do not have liver problems, even high doses of this drug does not lead to complications.

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